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the Special Topics: Enterprise Program(1-6) is a six-semester innovating program which allows students practice non-destructiveinspection in enterprise learning process. The students need to attend electivecourses to obtain the theoretical background of various non-destructiveinspection methods, and conducting experiments in the campus test site. In themeantime, students need do internships work in non-destructive testing centerto participate in the Industrial-Academic Cooperation cases. The simulationcompany will attend the students into different sectors, such asground-penetrating radar sector, impact-echo inspection sector, infrared sector,and non-contact type bridge inspection sector, etc. Graduate students will beappointed as sector-director to initiate students’ practical testing experience,and to provide students with learning professional NDT technology as well ason-site training. Just as normal enterprise, members can be appointed todifferent positions according to the ability and qualifications. The enterpriseprogram received Model Capstone Course Award at CYUT in 2015.


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