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Project NameAssociated AgencyYearMethodInstrument
Applications of automated nondestructive testing and evaluation to health diagnosis of civil structures Ministry of Science and Technology 2015-2016
Evaluation of steel reinforced concrete and pavement cross-sectional stiffness using surface waves Ministry of Science and Technology 2014-2016
Nondestructive testing and dynamic monitoring of towers and chimneys Ministry of Science and Technology project 2013-2015
"Taiwan Bridge Management Information System" bridge inspection program information Institute of Transportation 2010
Applications of non-contacted microwave interferometer to bridge assessment China Engineering Consultants, Inc. 2010
Evaluation of Bonding Condition of Large size reinforcing Bars Using the Impact-echo Method Atomic Energy Commission Nuclear Energy Institute 2010
Extradosed Bridge Management and Maintenance Program Taiwan Area National Freeway Bureau 2009-2011
Development of penetration test methods to rapidly evaluate the field soil density research project Water Resources Agency 2009-2010
Infrared thermal imaging and optical imaging method for detection of large-scale structure (I) (II) National Science Council 2009-2010
Research project of using Ground penetrating radar on criminal forensics 內政部警政署刑事警察局 2009

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